Camdenton, MO

Environmental Health Services

Camden County Health Department provides a wide range of services for the citizens of our county. Many of these services are performed pursuant to contracts entered into with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The department’s inspectors, or Environmental Public Health Specialists, are county not state employees.

Private Water Supply Wells

The environmental health section provides private water sample collection kits for use by the general public. The kits, which contain a sterile, 100ml sample bottle, instructions for sample collection and a mailing label addressed to the State Public Health Laboratory are available at our office.

The state health lab will analyze samples for the presence of bacteria and mail the test results to the submitting party, usually within seven to ten days. There will be a ten dollar ($10) fee assessed by the lab for this service.

Environmental health staff is available to offer assistance related to sample collection techniques, interpreting water test results and proper procedures for disinfecting contaminated wells when needed. Staff may also collect water samples for individuals under certain circumstances.

Some banks and lending institutions require a well inspection and the collection of a “satisfactory” water sample prior to closing a home loan. The test kits available from our office are for unofficial use only and will be reported as such by the state health laboratory. The environmental health section does not inspect wells or collect water samples for loan purposes. The department will provide a list of state licensed water and sewer system inspectors on request.

Soil Evaluation

All permitted On-site Systems require a soil test to determine the suitability of the proposed site to accept and effectively treat sewage. Go to the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, Registered Soil Evaluators (By County, Select on Map);

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