Camdenton, MO

You must be able to get to your safe shelter area quickly – you may only have seconds to act! Your first step to surviving a tornado is to develop a plan before storms are on the horizon.

Developing a Tornado Safety Kit

These items would be extremely useful to have in your storm shelter, or to take with you to your storm shelter, when severe weather strikes.

  • Disaster Supply Kit - You should store your emergency supplies as close to your shelter as possible.
  • Battery Operated Weather Radio - You will want to be able to monitor the latest information directly from your National Weather Service.
  • A Map to Track Storms - You will need to be able to track the progress of the storm. Since warning texts include county names, a county outline map of your area is a great thing to keep handy. You might also keep a state highway map, which includes most of the cities and towns referred to in NWS warnings and statements. 
  • Battery Operated TV and/or Radio - This will allow you to monitor news and severe weather information. Radios that offer TV audio can be helpful. Also, many TV stations simulcast their broadcasts on AM or FM radio stations.
  • Shoes - This will be very important if your home is damaged and you must walk across broken glass or other debris!
  • Identification - You may need identification to move around in the area should significant damage occur.
  • Your Car Keys - If your car is drivable, you will need the keys to be able to use it. It’s a good idea to keep an extra set in your shelter area.
  • Cell Phone - If there is phone service, you will certainly want your phone. However, remember that cell phone service may be interrupted after a tornado or other disaster!


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